Az a gyönyörű magyar nyelv! (That beautiful Hungarian language!)

What are the challenges we face in learning the beautiful, colorful, expressive Hungarian language? The following excerpt is from the essay "Language" by Orsolya Nádor, found in the book The Essential Guide to Being Hungarian)

"Difficult" – snaps Hungarian and non-Hungarian alike on being asked for their take on the Magyar tongue. But isn't every language difficult, especially when you set yourself the task of learning words and grammar by rote? It's at least as trying for Hungarians to learn any language decently as it is for native speakers of other languages to tackle the wonderful world of Hungarian -- with it's definite and indefinite inflection, verb prefixes, distinctive word order; and yes, words that appear unrelated to any other language. That said, non-Hungarians have been trying to learn our language ever since the first Christian missionaries landed among us -- and if we consider that Hungarian became Christian, after all, this initial phase of Hungarian language learning could not have been a failure. The missionaries were followed by many thousands more who learned Hungarian either within Hungary itself or in some other country. (read the entire essay on the Google books website)


Can you find the Hungarian language on this beautiful depiction of European linguistic family tree, created by artist Minna Sundberg?