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Why Cities Matter


Timothy Keller rightly posits that “Cities have more image of God per square inch than any other place on earth.” The city and surrounding metropolitan area of Budapest (pictured above), with it’s population of nearly 3 million, is home to almost one third of the residents of Hungary. Budapest is the place of economic, political, cultural, and academic influence for the nation. The ReachBudapest team is praying that it becomes the place of gospel influence as well. EFCA president Kevin Kompelein and our ReachGlobal Europe colleague Mike Edwards discuss the significance of the city, as well as the unique posture the EFCA movement brings to engaging the important urban areas in our world today. Read the full story at EFCA Today.

Join Our Team!


God is calling the ReachGlobal team in Budapest to a broader physical presence in the city, and towards the fulfillment of this calling, we’re  asking Him to bring us new teammates who will publicly live out their Christian faith in the space God has prepared for them on the cultural highways of Hungarian society, invest themselves into the lives of disciple makers, and contribute to the formation of new communities of believers. 

Is God calling you join us in the work of proclaiming the gospel in one of the great historical cities of Europe? There are innumerable ways in which your God-given gifts, abilities, and experiences could contribute to the redemptive work He is doing as the gospel transforms Budapest, making it at a place of regional spiritual influence. 

The following SHORT-TERM (12-23 month) ministry opportunities are currently available. (Do you sense that God is calling you to a LONG-TERM (2 or more years) role in Budapest? Let’s talk about how God may have uniquely prepared and gifted you to join our team in the work that He is doing in our city!)

The humanities, including art, music, literature, poetry, and more, are one of the most significant cultural highways in the city of Budapest. Use your technical skills with audio, video, and lighting and join the programming staff of an art café coffeehouse that seeks to use concerts, exhibitions of art, and other cultural experiences, to build bridges of relationships within this highly secular, art appreciating, society. 

Hungarians are interested in improving their conversational English skills, and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of conversational English clubs allow plentiful opportunities to build bridges of relationship and to communicate the gospel in word and deed. Besides conversational English clubs, English language discovery Bible studies, game nights, nature hikes and city outings are among the opportunities to use the English language to share spiritual truth with Hungarians. 

In a secular society that demonstrates a belief that “God is dead”, there is inestimable power when believers tell their personal stories of a living God who is actively at work in their own lives. Serve churches and Christian organizations in Budapest by helping followers of Christ share their stories in compelling, visual ways. (Special skills needed: Experience in visual communication / storytelling and video editing. Must provide own equipment.)

Each summer, many Hungarian teens make a decision to become followers of Jesus Christ as a result of Outreach English camps in Budapest. Join the ReachBudapest team and walk alongside these teenagers as they begin their lives as disciples and grow to become a generation of Hungarian disciple-makers! 

Public high schools in Budapest are regularly seeking native English speakers to join their staffs as volunteer English teachers. In this remarkable way, God is opening a door for followers of Christ to have a place of relational and spiritual influence in one of the most secular sectors of Hungarian society. (Special skills needed: Degree in education, TESOL training a plus. Teaching experience preferable.)

For more information on any of these opportunities, or for further information, contact us at:

"In the CIty" - a video we love!

50 Forints


This morning as I reached for my public transportation pass, I dropped a 50 forint coin in the process. It bounced aside to escalator platform next to me, and I left it there, thinking, “Maybe it’ll make someone’s day to find a happy little coin later on.” 

I went down the last escalator and walked down the platform to wait exactly 4 minutes and 30 seconds for the next metro train, as I had just missed the previous train. I’ve become more and more okay with missing the train, since my friend Gabor reminded me, “Don’t people know that there’s another train coming in just 4 and a half minutes? Why do we need to rush?”

As I leaned against the green mosaic wall, an old man came up to me. He had seen me drop the coin on the escalator, picked it up, and had come to find me on the platform to return it to me. His small gesture was striking. Perhaps my expectations are too low, but in any culture, in any city, I would not expect a stranger to take time to return something of such little value. Kindness is a welcomed surprise, a refreshing moment. Kindness like that from a stranger is balm on the wound of my imperfect perception of who we are as people. It reminds me that people can feel a natural compassion for someone that they have never met. I love these unhurried moments.

Posted by Betsy, serving a 23-month term in Budapest with EFCA ReachGlobal.