Refugee Christmas Party at Bicske

The ReachBudapest team is blessed to work together with a group of local ministry partners in Budapest to serve regularly at the Hungarian Immigration Office’s refugee camp in Bicske, just a handful of kilometers north of Budapest. On December 21, we participated in a Christmas party for the approximately 250 men, women, and children who are living in Bicske while they are awaiting the approval of their paperwork to settle permanently in Budapest.

In addition to singing, food, and a presentation of the Christmas story, individual food packages were distributed to each individual and family living in the camp. Here are some pictures of the day:

The Guest Apartment at the KMK is piled high with canned food, dry goods, and personal hygiene items, in preparation for assembly into packages. Much of the food was donated to the Eastern Europe Mission by a Swiss charity.


Along with a bunch of our friends from across Budapest, the ReachBudapest team was responsible for assembling the 250 food packages, and preparing them for distribution.

After transporting them to the party location at the Refugee Camp in Bicske, the food packages are ready for distribution at the conclusion of the party.


We’ve been out going door-to-door inviting people to the party, and as the program begins, the room is filling up!


Nearly all the 250 residents of the Bicske camp came to the Dining Hall for the party. The current residents of the camp come from all across Africa, the Middle East, and Cuba.


We’ve dusted off the “flannel graph” as Father Christmas helps tell the Christmas Story. Simultaneous translation is begin done by a Hungarian woman into Farsi and an Egyptian woman into Arabic.


Some Afghani guys provide a little entertainment after the program, as we’re enjoying our food and drinks.


Here’s an evidence of what a unique place Bicske is — Mohammed from Somalia is dancing with little Cynthia from Cuba.


Donning his stylish red bathrobe, our dear friend István distributes the gifts dressed as Télapó (Father Christmas).

Before loading up into our vans to leave Bicske for the night, the group of volunteers from all over Hungary and from around the world stood in a circle, shared stories of testimony, sang a Christmas song of worship, and prayed that those who live at Bicske might this year truly experience Immanuel – God With Us, and that the peace that only the Prince of Peace can bring would rule and reign over Bicske.