"PRAY FOR BUDAPEST" Prayer Initiative

Our team is involved in a city-wide prayer initiative for Budapest for 2017, that has as its goal to mobilize as many people as possible, from Budapest and around the world, to pray specifically and regularly for the city throughout the year. The prayer points each week will be based on one of the 50+ subway stops in the city, and participants are encouraged to pray for the requests throughout the week however they are able, as well as invited to join in an “on site” prayer gathering at 12:00noon each Wednesday at the subway stop of the week. A Facebook page, “Imádkozzunk Budapestért || Pray for Budapest” has been created to provide the weekly prayer points.

The prayer initiative isn’t designed to promote any one individual church or denomination or movement, but rather, to provide a means by which Christians in Budapest (as well as others from around the world, who have a heart for the city), can come together in unity, praying to God on behalf of our city. The initiative has the support/backing of the Hungarian Evangelical Alliance. All information will be provided in in two languages (Hungarian and English).