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Those of you who have been a part of the journey of the EFCA ReachGlobal ministry here in Hungary probably know what the “KMK” is, but for those who don’t – it stands for Kelenföld Montázs Központ or Kelenföld Ministry Center. You might know it as KMK, the Mozi, the Olimpia, the ministry center. Until recent years, this building has been the center for most of the ministry ReachBudapest has done and continues to be a place of great influence in the neighborhood and for Christians all over the city and even country. 

You might have guessed by now that COVID has pretty negatively affected us and we are now in need of some extra help. Please take a look at this video where our partner, Bence Farkas, and I share more about the current situation! 

Like Bence mentioned in the video, we were able to withstand the spring lockdown and re-open this summer but, in the process, we used up nearly all of our reserves. November 1 the government introduced new restrictions and though the coffeehouse part of our ministry is still able to offer take-away service, the income is nowhere near enough to compensate for the loss of the rest of the traffic and reservations in the rest of the building.

We are doing all we can to reduce our expenses and take advantage of any opportunity the government offers to offset our balance. Still, looking forward we are expecting to have a serious deficit. We expect that this lockdown will last at least through February and therefore are in need of raising $45,000 that will get us through until that time. This would cover employee salaries, taxes, end of year fees, and other necessary expenses, and would prevent us from having to fire any of the employees who have dedicated years of time and effort to making the KMK “the place that brings us together.”

We know that this is a tough time for so many and there is a lot of need out there. But we are also confident that God has more for us here and that this is not the end. We believe that He will provide for us the support needed to position ourselves to be able to reach people strategically and faithfully. Would you be a part of helping us to making that happen?

To contribute to our fund, send a check made out to EFCA with #5895 in the memo line to: 

901 East 78th Street Minneapolis, MN 55420

To make an ONLINE DONATION click here

To learn more about the current relationship between ReachGlobal and our partner Bátorítás Alapítvány (Encouragement Foundation) please click here to see a helpful informational video!

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