Serve With us in Budapest

We are a healthy, growing team with a vision to see communities in the city transformed by the gospel as believers publicly live out their lives as followers of Christ, being salt and light. We believe that God is calling us to establish a broader physical presence in the city, and we’re asking God to bring us new teammates who will publicly live out their Christian faith in the space God has prepared for them on the cultural highways of Hungarian society.

Apex Budapest

The Budapest City Team works with partners throughout the city in the areas of art and music, English outreach and student ministry, using these networks and connections to bring the aroma of Christ to those we encounter. We trust that in making our homes here and seeking the good of the city, we can help people to understand what Jesus meant when He said that He came so that we might have abundant life. Students will be able to jump in alongside us, helping with English camps, spending time at an art studio or working with university students. We would love to have the opportunity to work and learn alongside you as you experience our beautiful city.

Education Professionals: Administrators, K-12 Teachers, University Professors

ReachGlobal has exciting opportunities for Christian professors, teachers, administrators and other education professionals to join members of the Budapest City Team as we partner with international and bilingual schools as well as universities in the greater Budapest area. Join us as we work (in English) to build relationships with students and faculty members, contribute to a Christian learning environment, and reach others for Christ.


Hungary is a culture that values art – with streets and squares named after authors and poets, students who can recall from memory epochs and fairy tales, street art, galleries, and concert venues throughout the city. And artists are themselves an often marginalized group in society.

Conversational English Language Teacher

ReachGlobal is partnering with local schools, language schools and churches in the greater Budapest-area to provide conversational English language classes to Hungarians. Students here welcome the opportunities to practice and learn from a native English speaker in a group setting. Some members of the Budapest City Team are engaged in the teaching of conversational English to help students improve their language skills through a variety of resources and activities.

Student Ministry

Join the Budapest City Team in sharing the gospel with international students who can take it to all corners of the world. The team is involved in various gospel initiatives for international students; programs focused both on reaching non-believers and discipling and mobilizing Christian students (in English). If you have a passion for evangelism, student ministry, or discipleship you will be a great fit for this role!

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